मोबाईल चोरट्यांचा सुळसुळाट ! एकाच दिवशी दोन ठिकाणी चोरी , संपूर्ण घटना सीसीटीव्हीत कैद #Ulhasnagar



  1. Please F. I R complain, wait seven days if nö any Action, please Appeal to Court and againt incharge file Case aganist incharge of Police (area Police incharge) please demand CRPF Police ulhasnagar duty. Please all ulhasnagar Publice CRPF (Center Reserve Police) duty demand and
    if nö any Action (Mobile complain)
    Copy home minister of maharashtra and Home minister of India and Granal Police of maharshtra and Commissioner of Thane Police Letter.

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