150 tons of waste going into dumping due to sorting; Attempting to give flowers to the garden on dumping. Palava News


Kalyan on 10 October:
KDMC has taken another step towards resolving the issue of dumping ground in Kalyan which has been pending for many years. Due to good response from civilians for wet-dry waste sorting, daily dumping of waste has been reduced by 150 tonnes. “In the near future, we will try to stop the pile of garbage on the dumping grounds and build a park there,” said Ramdas Kokre, deputy commissioner of Solid Waste Management.

Over the years, the dumping ground, garbage on it and its stench has made the lives of welfare workers miserable. However, since May, KDMC has ordered the wet-dry waste sorted. He also talked to people about removing garbage from the streets. After initially scratching his nose at the waste sorting, he now appears to have some success. That is why there is a huge reduction in the amount of waste going to the dumping ground. About 600 to 650 metric tons of garbage were dumped every day. However, Deputy Commissioner of Solid Waste Management Ramdas Kokre said that after sorting the wet and dry waste, the waste has now come down to 500 to 550 MT. In the next few days, efforts are being made to reduce the amount of waste going into dumping to zero and it is being successful. He said that KDMC was working on sorting 100 percent of the waste in KDMC areas till Dussehra and then preventing dumping of waste. The administration is also looking at the possibility of setting up a beautiful park at Karjat after zeroing the dumping waste.

Despite the High Court’s order, the dumping ground to close it has been running for the last several years. It is often alleged that the politics of big money under rubbish is its core. It is also said that Shukracharya from Jhari in JDM is constantly working behind the scenes to prevent dumping. Against this backdrop, officials need to stand firmly behind the administration’s efforts to address the important issue of welfare and enhance the beauty of the city. Only then will efforts to stop the dumping of Venus in this stream fail. And people may have some faith in the administration about governance.

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