16 lakh patients returned from hospitals so far; KDMC action | Palava News


Kalyan 11 August:
The KDMC has clamped down on hospitals charging higher fees than the rates fixed by the government. So far KDMC has recovered Rs 16 lakh from hospitals and returned it to the patients. In addition, KDMC has sent notices to 15 more hospitals for a bill of Rs 31 and investigations are on.

On the one hand, Corona has broken the economic handcuffs of many, including ordinary citizens and the middle class. There are many complaints that some hospitals are literally robbing patients. Despite instructions to collect the bill at the government rate, some hospitals are charging the bill at exorbitant rates. Under the guidance of Vijay Suryavanshi, a large team has been appointed under the control of Chief Accounts Officer Satyavan Ubale. Vinay Kulkarni is the head of the team, which has so far issued notices to 15 hospitals and collected Rs 31.45 lakh. Out of which 16 lakh 15 thousand rupees have been recovered from hospitals and returned to patients. The municipality said that some amount was deducted from the actual bill.

Meanwhile, KDMC has also issued notice to Sridevi Hospital of Kalyan asking why the license should not be canceled. Regarding charging the patient more than the prescribed rate, not displaying the prescribed rate as per Annexure-C, not keeping separate records of 80 percent and 20 percent beds, not hindering the patient to pay the increased amount. Not informing patients. Why action should not be taken by Bharri squad for non-availability of all bills for investigation? And why shouldn’t the hospital registration license be revoked? The Municipal Corporation has issued a notice to Sridevi Hospital.

Mahesh Gaikwad, the dashing corporator of Shiv Sena’s Kalyan East, saw the conflicting role of the hospital, fitted himself a PPE kit and picked up the patient. After this, the municipal administration has turned its back on the matter and has now issued a notice to Sridevi Hospital.

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