A young man from Kalyan did a rapsong on the trouble caused by Corona and the lockdown. Palava News


Kalyan 1 August:
Corona and the resulting lockdown hit millions. Many lost their jobs, many lost their jobs. Those who had stomach in their hands, were suffering. Kalyan’s rap singer Ravi Singh has created a new rapsong by commenting on all these situations.

In his new song, Ravi talks about how people got into trouble during Corona and lockdown. On the other hand, political leaders, leaders and the KDMC administration, have also relaxed in their song. Last year, Kalyan K Ghaliboy composed a rap song titled ‘Patipul Kab Banega’.

The song, which was released on YouTube only 1 day ago, is receiving positive response from people. Ravi was assisted by friends Alexander and Gulshan to make this rapsong shot in Kalyan. Let’s see a glimpse of this song

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