Attempt to complete Kalyan’s Patripul by end of August; Information of MP Shrikant Shinde | Palava News


Welfare June 19:
The work of Patripula of Kalyan has been started once again. The work had been suspended since March due to a lockdown. The work was slowed down as the workers returned to their villages. However, new skilled workers are arriving here soon and efforts will be made to complete the bridge by the end of August. Presented by Shrikant Shinde.

In order to sort out the important work during the lockdown, MP Dr. Shrikant Shinde had started work on Kalyan Sheel Road. After that, the work of Patripula has also been started. This work was expected to be completed by the end of the month. However, the work was delayed due to shortage of labor due to lockdown and blockage of girder parts of the bridge in Hyderabad. Now this work has been started once again and in the next 10 days the parts of the bridge will reach Kalyan from the factory in Hyderabad. After that, an attempt is being made to complete the work of the bridge by the month of August. Shrikant Shinde said.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, MP Shinde inspected the work of Patripula and gave appropriate instructions to the contractor. He also inspected the work of the third Patripula proposed at the same place. The work will start at full capacity from July 1 and the third bridge is expected to be completed in a year, he said.


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