Blood donation – Plasma Camp organized by Inner Wheel Club and Cumbria International School; Interested participants are invited to participate Palava News


Kalyan July 27:
Currently Corona is having an impact on all areas and no blood banks are surviving. Due to corona, blood has not accumulated in these blood banks for the last 4 months and the blood supply is declining here. Against this backdrop, women from the Inner Wheel Club Kalyan Riverside have taken the initiative to organize blood donation and plasma donation camps for the first time in Kalyan. This social initiative has been particularly supported by the renowned Cumbria International School of Welfare.
Due to corona, there is anemia in all the blood banks of the state. Therefore plasma therapy is playing an important role in the treatment of coronary artery disease. This is why the Inner Wheel Club Kalyan Riverside has started this social initiative, said Inal Wheel Club President Meenal Pote. In addition to blood donation and plasma donation camps, Kovid warrior doctors, who performed a two-handed straight with Corona, will also be honored at the ceremony.
Blood donation and plasma donation camp will be held next Sunday, August 2 at Cumbria International School. Blood donors willing to participate in this have been requested to contact 9833857031 and more blood donors have been requested to respond to the camp.

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