Briefcase bike thief handcuffed by Khadkapada police; 16 stolen vehicles seized | Palava News


Kalyan 17 September:
Kalyan’s Khadkapada police have caught a notorious thief who used to steal expensive vehicles (motorcycles) and used them in other crimes. Police have also seized 16 stolen vehicles from him.

Senior police inspector Ashok Pawar said that Siddharth aka Vicky Kamble (22 years) was arrested from an Iranian neighborhood in Ambivali. He told the Khadkapada police that he stole vehicles with the help of Raju Wagh, Farooq Irani, Inu Irani and Ali Hasan Irani. The police have seized all the stolen bikes from Ambivali, Baneli, Mohana and other areas.

What’s special is that all these vehicles were stolen during the lockdown because of Corona. Khadkapada police said they were stealing by breaking the handle locks and straight wiring of the vehicles. The stolen vehicles were used in crimes such as chain snatching and mobile snatching. Out of these 16 vehicles, 10 have been stolen from the premises of various police stations falling under Thane Police Commissionerate. Senior police inspector Pawar said some vehicles were stolen from Kasra, Nashik police station. Therefore, the police investigation is likely to reveal some more crimes.
Meanwhile, police are searching for the other four accused in the case.

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