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Cooking Gas

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Cooking gas price in Nigeria nowadays fit force many Nigerians to find alternative.

Some fit go back to traditional method of cooking as price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas alias cooking gas don go up.

Di 7.5 percent Value Added Tax [VAT] policy on imported cooking gas wey di federal goment begin implement.

According to one survey wey Global Financial Digest carry out, e show say:

Di price of cooking gas jump by one hundred percent since December 2020 across di kontri.

Di National Bureau of Statistics for dia August 2021 report on Liquefied Petroleum Gas tok say:

Di average price to refill 5kg cylinder of cooking gas increase 3.52% month on month and by 8.64% year on year.

Also di average price to refill 12.5kg cylinder of cooking gas also increase by 3.11% month on month and by 7.16% year on year.

Di National Bureau of Statistics say di states wey get di highest average price of refilling 5kg gas na Akwa Ibom, Benue and Bauchi states.

While di states wey di get di lowest average price to refill 5kg gas na Abuja, Ondo and Lagos states.

States wey get di highest average price of refilling 12.5kg cylinder of cooking gas na Abuja.

Inside Nigeria political capital city wey dey sell for (N5,050.00), Gombe (N5,000.00) and Kogi states (N4,985.00).

States wey get di lowest average price of refilling 12.5kg cylinder gas na Kaduna (N3, 718.09), Zamfara (N3, 725.38) and Oyo (N3, 859.97).

Di price of 12.5 kg cooking gas wey dey sell around N3,500 eight months ago dey no sell for N6,500 in Lagos and Ogun States last week.

Dis na according to di Global Finance Digest.

Many pipo for Nigeria don complain say dem di price of cooking gas don increase and e no dey affordable for average pesin again.

From N4800 to N5200 wey some pipo buy a few months ago, di new price dey range from N6500 to N7000 for 12.5kg of cooking gas.

One local gas retailer for Port Harcourt tell BBC Pidgin say dem dey sell according to di way dem buy from gas depots.

And recently di price dey increase as di exchange rate of di Naira to dollar price dey increase.

Why di price of cooking gas dey rise?

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Di Nigerian Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketers, NALPGAM don attribute di latest rise in di price of cooking gas to Federal goment re-imposition of Value Added Tax, VAT, on imported LPG.

NALPGAM Executive Secretary, Bassey Essien, for inside statement say Nigerians fit pay up to N10, 000 in di nearest future to refill 12.5kilogram cylinder of cooking gas.

Goment for 2019 bin comot VAT on LPG make e for fit dey produced in di kontri.

“Di volume we dey produce for Nigeria na just about 40 per cent of di total consumption; di rest na imported. And forex window no dey for pipo to access to import gas.

E tok say “e dey unfortunate say di Federal Inland Revenue Service and di Federal Ministry of Finance don go bring back product dem comot from VAT.

According to am, di new prices dey “based on di price marketers dey see di product buy from depots and terminals.

E add join say early for year 2020, “a 20 metric ton truck of LPG dey sell for N3.4 million, but by December 2020, e don go up to N5.4 million, and up again to N5.6 million for January 2021. As at today di truck dey sell for N8 million.”

“Di average cost of 12.5 kg cylinder of gas dey sell for about N6,000 and if the situation continue till Dec 2021, 12.5kg cylinder of gas fit dey sell for N10,000 or more.

But di Chairman of Petroleum Products Retail Outlet Owners Association of Nigeria PETROOAN for Rivers State, Francis Chilam Dimkpa identify two major reasons for di increase in di price of cooking gas:

Di international market pressure due to exchange rate

Presence of middlemen for di transaction of LPG distribution before e get to di end user because na dem dey buy directly from NLNG wit dia license. Some of dem no get depots or dispensing point but dem be middlemen because dem get off-taking license. So wen dem buy, dem go add dia profit sell to di marketer, wey go also add im own costs and profits before dem send to di end-user and wit dat di price don high.

Wetin be di solution?

Dimkpa say di solution to dis palava na for di exchange rate to drop, and if dem go allow pipo wey get DPR license to procure products directly from NLNG and dem consider and approve pipo wey don apply for off-takers license so more pipo go get access to buy directly from NLNG, e go reduce di price.

Im add say if dem fit get bank facilities wit single digit interest rate, e go help dem to reduce di price of LPG too.

Dimkpa di PETROOAN State Chairman come advise pipo not to stockpile gas ,thinking say e go increase as dat one dey dangerous. E say make dem dey patient now and buy wetin dem need as e dey affect evri bodi but dem get hope say di exchange rate fit change wit di economic activity wey dey go on and di price go moderate itsef.

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