Citizens’ agitation in the stagnant water in Adivali on Kalyan-Malanggad road


kalyan July 21:
Kalyan Dombivali has witnessed heavy rains for the last few days and the citizens of Advali village on Kalyan Malang Road staged a unique agitation against the administration. He protested against the inaction of the administration by sitting in knee-deep water on the road.

In Adivali village in Kalyan village, there is not only a drain to drain the water, but also the roads are not being repaired. Also, local people’s representative Kunal Patil along with the angry citizens staged a sit-in agitation in the stagnant water on the road. At this time, the corporation was protested by shouting slogans against the corporation administration. Despite repeated follow-up on the problems in 27 villages, the municipal administration is ignoring them.

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