Corona’s recovery from cleanup marshal without authorization; Types typed by MNS workers. Palava News


Kalyan 26 September:
The KDMC-appointed cleanup marshal has once again found himself in a vortex of controversy in the main area of ​​Kalyan Dombivali to curb litter and filth. MNS activists have come out with a shocking statement that the ‘Safai Dal’ is charging fines from people, although they have no right to take action against citizens who do not follow the rules regarding Corona.

The KDMC has appointed a cleaning team through a contractor to keep the waste and dirt in the Kalyan railway station premises free. They have been given major powers to recover fines from citizens who spray, spit or litter on the streets of the station area. However, MNS Kalyan city organizer Rupesh Bhoir said that there have been complaints from citizens that they are charging arbitrary fines in the name of not following the rules regarding the sanitation system Corona. Bhor, along with MNS workers, arrived at the Kalyan station premises this morning to verify the allegations and apprehend the clean-up marshal in the case of making such an illegal recovery. A sweeper was seen boiling 500 to 1,000 rupees from a citizen for not wearing a mask. After capturing this cleaning team, Bhoir handed Mahatma Phule to the police. A case has been registered against four persons at Mahatma Phule Police Station.

Meanwhile, in Kalyan Dombivali, the KDMC, in collaboration with the police administration, has started cracking down on unarmed civilians after increasing the number of corons. Most likely, taking advantage of this action, the cleaning marshal is making an initial guess that he is illegally extorting money from civilians, even if it is not in their power.

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