Damage to Deepak in Thane Smart City Project; MLA Raju Patil angry with administration Palava News


Thane 30 September:
Garbage is being dumped illegally in Thane city by Thane municipality. On the other hand, continuous action is being taken on the construction and 11 corporators are representing Diva-Sheel division in the municipality. However, MNS MLA Raju Patil slapped the Thane Municipal Corporation administration for not spending any money for the differently abled under Thane Smart City.

The meeting of Thane City Smart City Advisory Committee of Thane Municipal Corporation was held online. At that time MLA Raju Patil attracted the attention of the administration and presented problems in the city of Diva. Under the Central Government’s Smart City Project, remodeling for the supply of water in Divyang, lakes in Datwali, Khidkali could be beautified. But on the other hand, the drain is being beautified at various places in Thane at a cost of more than Rs 200 crore. In such a case, why has lamp dumping not been prevented and the beautification of the bay not been included? This question has been raised by MLA Raju Patil. Diva planning could be done by introducing schemes like elevated skywalk and cluster in the Diva station area. MNS MLA Raju Patil also said that if the lighting department is developed in a planned manner, the corporation and the state government can get a large amount of revenue from here.

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