Death due to ghost in body, death of mother and child: Type in Atali village of Kalyan. Palava News


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Kalyan July 26:
The shocking death of a mother and child in a brutal beating due to the presence of a ghost is revealed. While everyone was in a state of panic due to the incident in Atali village near Kalyan, the corona caused panic. Khadkapada police has arrested three people including a witch in the case and a minor accused has also been arrested. The dead have been identified as Chandubai Shivram Tare (76) and Pandharinath Shivram Tare (50).

Surendra Patil, a so-called magician from Atli village, told the wife and nephew of Pandharinath Tare that there were ghosts in Chandubai and Pandharinath. According to the complaint, on 25 July, relatives of both (Chandubai and Pandharinath) threw turmeric on their bodies and beat them with wooden sticks from 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm. So it all started for over 4 hours. It also mentions that both Chandubai and Pandharinath lost their lives.

Meanwhile, on the complaint of Devendra Bhoir (Pandharinath’s nephew) in all these heinous acts, Khadkapada police sent BDV. A case has been registered under Section 302.34 of the Anti-Superstition Act, 2013 and a minor along with the nephew of Pandharinath Tare has also been arrested.

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