Dedication of Kovid Center on tennis court at Sanvalaram Sports Complex, Kombivali. Palava News


Dombivali, 18 September:
Despite the high population density in the Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation, the corporation has been successful in keeping the death rate low. Created by Shrikant Shinde. He was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of a health center dedicated to Kovid, which was set up on the site of a lawn tennis court at Savlaram Maharaj Mhatre Sports Complex in Dombivli East.

The beds will work even when they are empty, but patients should not be afraid as beds are not available. In the current environment of Kovid, it is necessary for journalists to spread positive news by spreading positive news. Expressed by Shinde. He also promised to arrange beds for journalists at Kovid Hospital.

On this occasion, Mayor Vinita Rane hoped that if all people participate in the campaign ‘My family, my responsibility’, we will get rid of Kovid soon.

MLA Ravindra Chavan said that the Municipal Corporation has made good facilities for Kovid patients, necessary medicines for Kovid patients should be kept in stock, similarly reserved beds for journalists at Kovid Hospital.

Identify time steps and build facilities. As per the instructions of this government, the Municipal Corporation has constructed a jumbo facility for Kovid-19 and we are still doing so. Now, even though 900 patients are found every day, they are building the infrastructure from that point of view. Victory was given by Suryavanshi. He said, “If you make a mistake, criticize it, but don’t forget to appreciate it.”

V.H.P. The Kovid Center, set up on a lawn tennis court at the Savlaram Maharaj Mhatre Sports Complex, has 75 oxygen beds and is the one of the One Rupee Clinic’s Dr. Is run by Krishna Kumar. It will be run by Rahul Ghule.

At this time, MP Dr. Shrikant Shinde, MLA Ravindra Chavan, Mayor Vinita Rane, Commissioner Dr. Vijay Suryavanshi, House Leader Prakash Penkar Medical Health Officer Dr. Ashwini Patil, dr. Rahul Ghule, Infectious Disease Control Officer Pratibha Panipat, Dr. Sarvankar was accompanied by the officers / employees of the Municipal Corporation. Municipal Secretary Sanjay Jadhav conducted the program.