Demand for cancellation of Kovid Hospital granted to private hospital; However, the hospital administration denied the allegations.


Kalyan July 10:
There has been a demand from the Municipal Commissioner to cancel the recognition of Kovid Hospital given to CB Vaidya Memorial Hospital in Kalyan West. This has been sought by concerned patients and relatives as the hospital has been converted into Kovid Hospital, causing inconvenience to patients coming for dialysis and chemotherapy. Meanwhile, the hospital has denied all the allegations and clarified that proper arrangements have been made for dialysis and chemotherapy patients.

It is a private hospital in the Tilak Chowk area west of Kalyan. The letter sent to the Municipal Commissioner mentions that Kovid Hospital has been started in the area of ​​Datawati. The letter also stated that Kovid’s conversion to the hospital would be inconvenient for patients coming here for treatment of dialysis, chemotherapy and other minor ailments. The letter also questioned the suitability of the hospital’s approval for Kovid, when Kovid feared setting up the center in the Lalchowki area, so that it would endanger the health of nearby people. Given all these circumstances, the letter attempts to revoke the recognition of the Kovid hospital, which was given to the hospital.

In this regard too, you MP Shrikant Shinde, Thane Collector, MLA, Municipal Commissioner Dr. Vijay Niket said that he contacted Vijay Suryavanshi and did not demand to change the hospital to Kovid Hospital. Other patients, such as dialysis and chemotherapy, are at risk if their lives remain untreated, Nikte said.

Meanwhile, the hospital administration has denied all the allegations and said that neither the patients nor the locals are facing any inconvenience. Sushruta Vaidya has said. According to a letter from KDMC, we have converted this hospital into Kovid Hospital. He also said that dialysis and chemotherapy have been arranged at other places. He also said that the situation was chaotic for some time due to sudden arrival of large number of patients on the first day of Kovid Hospital. This is told by Vaidya. He also said that he started Kovid Hospital only after completing the necessary legal process.

Keep the feelings of the local people in mind and find a solution as soon as possible – MLA Vishwanath Bhoir
Meanwhile, the local MLA Vishwanath Bhoyar has given the city commissioner Dr. He has sent a letter to Vijay Suryavanshi requesting that the issue be resolved at the earliest. The people of the area are strongly opposed to the Kovid Hospital and have asked the city commissioner to find a solution in view of the sentiments of the local people.

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