Devotees cross the railway line from Kachor village for immersion of Bappa


Kalyan 2 September:
The carnival of Ganapati Bappa, which began on Ganesh Chaturthi, was held yesterday. For the Ganesh immersion, immersion was arranged at various places by Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation. However, the villagers of Kachor village near Patripulan in Kalyan had to immerse Bappa like every year putting their lives at risk.

Residents of Kachor Koliwara in Kalyan have been immersing Ganapati Bappa at the immersion site on the banks of the drain for the past several years. To get here, the villagers have to cross the railway line with Ganesh idols in their hands. Since there is no road between Kalyan and Thakurli to reach the immersion ghat in Kachor, citizens have to practice this by risking their lives every year. Citizens are demanding the construction of an artificial lake in this area so that this fatal journey of citizens and father can be stopped.

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