Doctors who died while serving in the Corona period should be given the status of ‘martyr died’ – MP Dr. Demand of Shrikant Shinde | Palava News


Central government should set up a special court to attack doctors

New Delhi, 22 September:
Many cases related to attacks on doctors are legitimate. The Central Government should set up a special court for speedy disposal of these cases. At the same time, Shiv Sena MP from Kalyan. Shrikant Shinde has done it in the parliamentary session today.

MP Shinde made the above demand while discussing the Health Issues Bill in the parliamentary session. MP Shinde said that 32 lakh cases of attacks on doctors have been registered. Out of this 9 lakh cases are of civil nature and 23 lakh cases are of serious criminal nature. 10% of the cases have been settled for the last ten years. The period of disposal of these cases should be reduced by one year. He demanded that the cases be settled within three months.

During the Korana disaster, doctors, paramedics and police have risked their lives to stay away from their families and perform their duties. Therefore, even though India’s population today is 135 crore families, the death rate in India is low. This is made possible by the hard work of doctors and paramedical staff. Fifty doctors serving during the Corona period died of corona. Therefore, more than 5,000 doctors have been affected. This includes not only experienced doctors but also newly graduated doctors. MP Shinde has demanded that the government should give martyr status to the doctors who died while serving in the Corona period. He has given this suggestion to Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. During the Corona period, ASHA workers, Anganwadi workers have carried out survey work to find Korana patients. These congregations work on vegetables daily. They should be paid. Also be given Group C status. Also, MP Shinde has demanded that Maharashtra should get GST refund soon so that the state does not face any funding problem while facing Corona.

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