Due to the decision of the state government, patients will no longer feel the lack of oxygen – Parent Minister Eknath Shinde | Palava News


Dedication for oxygen and ICU bed facility in Kalyan’s Vasant Valley region

Kalyan 14 September:
In the last few days, the number of patients with coronary artery disease in Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation has been increasing rapidly. As a solution, Patron Minister Eknath Shinde today inaugurated 55 oxygen and 9 ventilator beds in Vasant Valley in Kalyan. Speaking at the time, Patron Minister Eknath Shinde testified that due to the decision taken by the state government, there would be no oxygen shortage in any hospital.

The state government has decided to provide oxygen to the industrial area and oxygen to the Kovid Center. Eighty percent of the oxygen produced is required by the Kovid Center, 20 percent for health and industrial use. Therefore, there will be no shortage of oxygen, Conservator Minister Eknath Shinde said. Foster Minister Eknath Shinde said that to reduce the number of patients and eliminate the need for this Kovid Center, the Municipal Corporation has increased the number of screening and contact tracing as well as antigen testing, RT PCR tests.

The government will do its best to maintain Maratha reservation.
Meanwhile, there are frequent meetings on Maratha reservation. The Maratha reservation was also recognized by the High Court under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister. This reservation was given by law. However, the top court bench has given him an interim stay. Unfortunately this is a major incident. But the government is working hard to ensure that reservations remain intact. Guardian Minister Eknath Shinde said that it is the responsibility of the government to maintain Maratha reservation and the government will do its best to take everyone into confidence.

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