Duffy Bajav movement on behalf of Bahujan Agadi, deprived in welfare, also Palava News


Kalyan on 12 August:
A ‘Duffy Bajwa’ movement was organized at the bus depot in Kalyan West, Thane District Women President of the underprivileged Bahujan Agadi, led by Maya Kamble. Central and state governments are not ready to lift the lockout. This lockout has made life of ordinary citizens difficult. ST services in Maharashtra and bus services in the metropolis should be opened. Workers are starving due to the shutdown of ST services. Maya Kamble said that as per the order of the party chief Balasaheb Ambedkar, a “Dafli chowz agitation” was organized across the state demanding immediate start of this bus service. The participation of underprivileged Bahujan Agadi, Mahila Agadi and Samyak Vidyarthi Andolan was condemned in this movement. What is special is that the women’s class led this movement.

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