Eco Friendly Idol Immersion in Palava

Casa rio palava idol immersion pandal

Rotary club of Palava have organised an Eco Friendly Idol Immersion on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi from 11-09-2021 to 14-09-2021. The Idol Immersion pandals are set at Riverview and Adriatica Society in Casa Rio, Palava City.

The two location choice will benefit the worshippers coming for Idol immersion also having placed pandals at multiple location can help residents not to gather at one point.

This project was taken up in the leadership of the 2021-2022 President Rotary Club of Palava Rtn. Ankit Kankane. He collaborated project with Rotary Club of Dombivli Regency. The project is lead by Rtn. Sandeep Hotkar.

Looking at the covid-19 pandemic Rotary club of Palava’s president(Rtn. Ankit Kankane) and project lead(Rtn. Sandeep Hotkar) has taken this initiative and bring the immersion pandal near to the Rio residents, in future such projects will be taken in other Palava projects and will provide the benefit to the whole society.

Shreekant kadam from Dionna society self made ganpati He is helping us creating awareness in the society and promoting eco- friendly Ganpati

Rotary Club of Palava is doing a lot of charitable and social work within and outside Palava, this year after a almost 2 year lockdown, to ensure social accountability they organized this event.