Electricity arrears of street light and water supply in Kalyan zone at Rs 135 crore; MSEDCL warns of power outage


552 crore due to 10 lakh customers of all categories

kalyan June 19:
MSEDCL has once again become active in recovering overdue electricity bills and has now shifted its focus to government offices providing public services. The arrears of power supply to street lights and water supply schemes in urban and rural areas under the kalyan zone have reached Rs 135 crore. MSEDCL has warned to pay the arrears as soon as possible or else the power supply to these services will be cut off. MSEDCL has also informed that 10 lakh customers of all categories in the kalyan circle have arrears of Rs 552 crore.

The Corona and the ensuing lockdown have hit all sectors of government, be it private or private. MSEDCL, which is an important department of the state government and supplies electricity to the majority of the people in the state, has also been hit hard financially.

Under Kalyan Parimandal, electricity bill of Rs. 124.20 crore has been paid for 1,731 street light connections in rural areas of Thane and Palghar districts. On the other hand, electricity bill of Rs 51 crore is due for 2,017 street light connections in urban areas. Also, the arrears of 1 thousand 31 electricity connections of water supply schemes have gone up to 4 crore 40 lakhs. As a result, both these public services should take advantage of uninterrupted power supply by paying the overdue electricity bill, otherwise MSEDCL has given a direct warning to cut off the power supply of these services.

According to MSEDCL, 9 lakh 99 thousand consumers in all categories of households, commercial and industrial in the kalyan zone are in arrears of Rs 441 crore in electricity bills.

Corona, meanwhile, appears to have had a major impact on the recovery of MSEDCL electricity bills. This led to a huge struggle in the state after the campaign launched by MSEDCL for the recovery of electricity bills last year. Along with the anger of the citizens, MSEDCL also had to face criticism from the opposition. However, it is a matter of research as to what exactly happened to MSEDCL from the electricity bill recovery campaign and from the struggle waged against it. Against this backdrop, MSEDCL has once again signaled an aggressive stance against the arrears. But for that, along with private consumers, the government’s big arrears also seem to have been distorted. If this is a welcome development, then action will be taken against them as well as private consumers. The answer will be found in the near future that these government arrears are being used as a shield by MSEDCL only to reduce public anger.

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