Financial robbery of Kovid patients; Suspension of hospital registration with cancellation of ‘A&G’ hospital Kovid status in Kalyan


Kalyan July 28:
The KDMC suspended the registration of A&G, a private hospital in the Moradabad Road area of ​​Kalyan West, till 31 August, alleging that it robbed Kovid patients by charging a higher rate than the government rates.

Investigations conducted by the Bharti team of NMC found serious irregularities in the hospital’s 19 patients’ bill to recover Rs 9 lakh 36 thousand 618, with more money being collected from MRP for toxilizabab injection. KDMC’s notice was not disclosed by the hospital administration. He blamed the hospital financially for getting Kovid’s patients out of these serious irregularities and said that the municipal administration has taken action against the hospital.

Registration under the Mumbai Nursing Home Registration Act has also been suspended till 31 August, along with the revocation of Kovid status given to A&G Hospital. The KDMC also stated that the suspension of registration will continue until the hospital administration removes all these irregularities and refunds the additional funds to the patients concerned. The KDMC has also appointed Medical Officer Sameer Sarvankar as its administrator to ensure that the hospitalized patients are treated at government rates.

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