First Lady 30 Bedroom Elderly Facility Nearing Completion


Old folks home built by Clar Hope Foundation.

The Clar Hope Foundation run by Liberia’s First Lady Clar Weah is to shortly complete the construction of a 30-bedroom facility for the elderly in Buchana City, Grand Bassa County.

According to a release from the First Lady’s office, the elderly home is over 95 percent completed and will be dedicated shortly.

The release added that the facility will have a mini-clinic, recreation center, palava-hut, dinner room, warehouse, kitchen, and 30 rooms with each having a bathroom.  The Clar Hope Foundation, which is being supported by donors and partners, with an allotment from the national budget, is aimed at supporting women, girls, children, and elderly people. The elderly home is aimed at providing better home living conditions.

“We decided to run it first because we did not want to build a place that the people are not well-taken care of. We are trying to find a company that can run the home,” Mrs. Weah added. “If the Clar Hope Foundation does not have the funding to run the home, it will be turned over to the government of Liberia as a gift. If we want the foundation to be successful, we have to have funding.”

Mrs. Weah added that the Clar Hope Foundation is here to support the people of Liberia, which is being demonstrated by the construction of such a huge facility for the elderly people in Grand Bassa County.

“We want find someone or company that will run it properly in the interest or benefit of the elderly people and the county in particular. We want to see a company that will come and train the people first, because we don’t an elderly person to come and just say I’m waiting for my death. We want things that stimulate the brain, like playing ludu, checkups, and so on,” Mrs. Weah said.

According to Mrs. Weah, the home today is as a result of her visit to the old folk’s home in the county in 2018 from where she realized that people were living in deplorable conditions.

“And I know that one day, one day, I will be old too and I hope if not my children, some kind people will be able to take care of me. As a First Lady, we have to look out for the people of Liberia to do something for the elderly,” Mrs. Weah said.

Meanwhile, President George Weah on April 21, 2021, inspected the facilities and praised his wife, and Clar Hope Foundation for the job well done. President Weah touring of the facility is part of his 3rd County Tour which is aimed at appreciating the people for electing him in 2017 and listening to their requests for the government to carry out projects.

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