Garbage collection stopped in Kalyan due to contract employee-company dispute


Employees’ agitation in some wards in Kalyan West

kalyan June 23:
Due to a dispute between the contract staff and the concerned company, there was a protest in Kalyan today. Due to non-receipt of timely salary from the contractor, 50 cleaners abruptly stopped picking up garbage this morning.

Garbage collection has been given to 3 wards in B ward area of ​​Kalyan West by a private contractor. However, the contract workers started agitation this morning saying that they were getting partial salary from the concerned company including non-payment of salaries on time. Without picking up the garbage from these 3 wards in Kalyan West, garbage trucks were parked next to it. As a result, garbage was lying on the road in all the three wards since morning.

“Even though we are doing the same work as the municipal employees, we are not being paid properly by the contractor on time,” he told the media. “We will continue the agitation till our issues are resolved,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ramdas Kokare, Deputy Commissioner, Solid Waste Department, would have been contacted in this regard He said the agitation was due to a dispute between the contractor and the employees. The municipality fined the contractor for finding irregularities in the work. Which caused the contractor to cut the salaries of its employees, which is a very wrong thing to do. Kokare has also warned to take action against the contractor if it is observed that such incidents have taken place again.

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