Good News: More than 1 lakh people have so far overcome corona in Kalyan Dombivali


Kalyan-Dombivali April 27:
While the second wave of corona wreaked havoc in Kalyan Dombivali, on the other hand, it is heartening to know that more than 1 lakh people have successfully beaten the corona so far. (Good News: More than 1 lakh people have so far overcome corona in Kalyan Dombivali)

In Kalyan Dombivali, Corona has once again raised her head since March. What is special is that the current wave appears to be more effective than the first wave of corona that occurred last year. The number of corona, which had double digits until January, February, reached three digits by the end of March. This is due to the fact that in the month of April, most of the time more than 1 thousand corona patients have been found. The nearly two and a half thousand patients found on the list on April 11 is the largest number of patients in Kalyan Dombivali till date.

While there is some concern about the increasing number of coronas coming in daily, the overall statistics show that the number of patients overcoming covid is just as large. Since last year, 1 lakh 2 thousand 734 people have lost their corona in Kalyan Dombivali. This is definitely a positive and comforting thing for all of us. Although a large number of Kovid patients are found in Kalyan Dombivali every day, the number of patients recovering from it is also large.

So there is no doubt that the more than 1 lakh people who have overcome Kovid in the current situation will have the confidence and determination to defeat Corona among others. And that would be a real honor for the doctors, health workers, government officials and all other people who have been working tirelessly with Kovid for the past year.

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