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Kalyan 2 August:
Currently, negativity is spreading much faster in society than positivity. Well-known academician and CMD of Pote Group Bipin Pote said that to change this picture, good people and good things need to be heard. A blood donation and plasma registration camp was organized by the Inner Wheel Club Riverside in collaboration with the Welfare and Cambrian International School. For the first time in Kalyan, the donors readily responded to this social initiative.

Currently, the most searched name on Google is ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’. Why so many good and positive things are happening around us. But Bipin Pote regretted that he was not coming towards us with such strength. Since the outbreak of Corona, ‘Doctor Army’ has been doing very well for the last 4 months. Instead of reporting this good work, the news that a doctor has given is spreading rapidly. ‘Corona’ is not just a disease but a stone thrown at us by nature. Which is underlining the need of all of us, who are walking fast to forget and think. A dream without action is only a dream and work done without foresight is considered a waste of time. Pote also said that any action taken with the help of foresight is changing the world.

Multiple initiatives for more than 100 bottles of blood and plasma
Meenal Pote, president of Inner Wheel Club Kalyan Riverside, said: “We have made sincere efforts to raise the morale of doctors,” he said. The aspirants responded spontaneously to this blood donation and plasma registration camp. More than 100 blood bottles were collected at the camp, and several that were recovered from the corona registered to donate plasma. Distinguished doctors and blood donors in attendance praised the Inner Wheel Club as well as the Cumbria School for such social initiatives.

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