“Health workers need to focus on contactless treatment to prevent Kovid infection” Palava News


Kalyan July 24:
Since coronary heart disease is a highly contagious disease, patients who treat it have a higher risk of infection. Therefore, with the help of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to think about how Kovid-19 patients can be considered ‘contactless’ by machines without contact. This was said in a special webinar organized on the initiative of Shrikant Shinde. While the threat of Kovid-19 is increasing day by day, the administration is facing a big challenge to keep doctors and paramedical staff safe while saving human lives. This is the reason why this webinar discusses how to provide healthcare to as many Kovid patients as possible, keeping in mind their safety.

Monitoring ICU patients at a safe distance, choosing occasional video surveillance options, building touchless clinics, using robots for patient screening. Specialist doctors commented on many of these options. While Kovid-19 is spreading rapidly, Dr. Kalyan, MP from Kalyan, how to easily save the lives of patients using technology? Srikanth Shinde and Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Commissioner Drs. The webinar was organized at the initiative of Vijay Suryavanshi.

Mumbai Kovid Task Force member Dr. Mufajjal Lakdawala (Bariatric Surgeon), Dr. Dr. Nita Verti (gynecologist and obstetrician) directly from the United States. Amit Sharma (Geithner Commonwealth School of Medicine, Clinical Associate, Infectious Diseases, Geithner Health Systems, USA). Apart from him, doctors of Kalyan-Dombivli Kovid Task Force and other doctors working in Kalyan, Dombivli were also present. This webinar discussed how to control mortality and morbidity in the growing area of ​​Kovid-19.

Conducting the webinar Drs. Dr. Vikram Jain and head of army of welfare doctors. Done by Prashant Patil. The webinar was organized as part of ongoing measures to reduce the incidence of Kovid-19. The discussion in this webinar helped dispel many doubts in the minds of doctors at the Kalyan-Dombivli Kovid Task Force who were dealing with the Kovid-19 disease.

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