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Kalyan July 11:

While many shocking types of private hospitals have come up in the Corona era, another such annoying type has appeared in Kalyan. Anger is being expressed in shocking ways in which a patient who is not Corona was admitted to Chunky Corona Hospital simply because the name is the same. However, after the matter came to light, both the private hospitals including the lab raised their hands and the patient’s family demanded strict action against the culprits.

Ajay Sawant said that Nita Sawant, who hails from Aadharwadi area in Kalyan West, was admitted to City Criticare, a private hospital in Kalyan, due to illness on July 3. He was treated for a shortage of white blood cells. Meanwhile, he performed a corona test. The next day, he tested positive and was admitted to A&G Kovid Hospital. Neeta was coronated for 2 days. After being given an injection from the hospital, Ajay Sawant approached the medical in Mumbai. When the medical driver sent the report, he said that although the name was the same, the report was not of your patient. When family members saw the report, it was revealed that her name was Nita Sawant but she was 45 years old. He immediately contacted A&G Hospital and sought answers. However, the hospital administration entrusted the responsibility to City Criticare saying that we were treated according to the report we received. When family members asked Citi Criticare and Lab about this, they also shifted responsibility on each other. Subsequently, Ajay Sawant’s family reached the municipal headquarters, met with health officials and demanded action against the careless hospital. Meanwhile, Neeta Sawant is admitted to Kalyan Hospital of Kalyan for treatment.

“We have treated them properly and as per the report from the lab, they have been sent to Kovid Hospital for treatment,” said the City Criticare Hospital Administration.

The municipal administration has received a complaint in this regard and KDMC said that it will take action after verification.

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