Home and Away Overview: Maggie and Ben leave Summer Bay at the very last time and everybody is at tears


It is still the afternoon until Maggie and Ben depart for Italy but finally time goes on and the recently reunited happy few drive from Summer Bay for the final moment.

It is sort of a shock because Gemma simply left the series a week, also it is difficult to think this narrative line involving Maggie and Ben is eventually solved after a lot of months.

Alf calls and invites them to farewell lunch to get a”appropriate send-off”.

But that does not fare well with Ziggy.

She is infuriated her”silent” lunch must been”hijacked” from the”entire city” that is only a small exaggeration since it’s just Leah, Justin and Marilyn who combine Alf along with the Astonis.

Camera IconThe’whole’ city gathered to say goodbye. Charge: Channel 7

She is fairly immature right now and it has turned into an all too familiar picture. Ziggy takes it out Dean and perhaps this period is actually the start of the end for a few of our favorite couples.

However she pushes it and ends up on the dinner with Dean begrudgingly after suit.

It is a true shame that the weather did not turn it to their very last moment. It appears absolutely freezing.

Ben and Maggie actually don’t have any plans. They’ve nowhere to live without any jobs but they are likely to be more”free spirits” till they find somewhere to repay.

Maz occurs without John. It is a huge palava getting him to the car by himself and she retains up some charade regarding him exhausted so that she does not feel worried about leaving him .

To be honest, who can blame her. If she’s something for him personally he moans and when she leaves him he complains. Nevertheless, it is a sneaky movement and most surprising out of her.

Leah along with Justin reminisce about the great times they have had Ben and Maggie and John additionally predicts to wish them the very best in their new experience, allowing that he is not tired in any way.

It gives Ben a concept and he also Justin accumulate John and draw him lunch, that actually warms things up between John and Maz and reaches its summit in the future.

Camera IconJohn arrives in the farewell lunch along with rattles items involving himself and Marilyn. Charge: Channel 7

Alf creates a speech about the very first time he met Maggie and Ben.

“You have always got a house at the bay,” Alf states.

“Maybe not when you’ve wavered on your service Mag’s and that I personally,” Ben says into this group.

Ziggy shouts and can be pretty much yelling for the remainder of the event.

Camera IconCue that the tributes to Maggie and Ben. Charge: Channel 7

Dean faces Ziggy within her mood. In fact, they are both in a small mood.

“I watched you with your own wedding record,” Dean says, speaking to her balling her eyes out while taking a look at photographs of her ex-husband.

However Ziggy insists she had been crying on her parents not Brody…Hmm, not certain how believable that’s.

She cried off to watch Leah and Justin and provides them the picture album because she has taken the photographs she desires.

Camera IconJustin and Leah have a look at the photographs in Ziggy’s wedding Brody. Charge: Channel 7

Ziggy also admits to Dean she is likely to finalise her divorce and they spot up things… for today.

Meanwhile, John is becoming increasingly fed up, feeling made by Maz.

“This living arrangement is not working out and among us had expected,” John states.

“You are just here supporting me out of responsibility.”

“I understand you do not love me .”

The fact is to Maz and also she can not process it.

But fortunately Irene is back in the vacation. To be frank I forgot she has been from the series for a couple weeks… sorry Irene.

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