Inauguration of underprivileged Bahujan Agadi and Samyuk Vidyarthi Andolan “Admission Process Help Center” Palava News


Mumbai on 20 August:

The underprivileged Bahujan Agadi and Samyuk Vidyarthi Endolan are implementing the “Admission Process Help Center”. To ease this tension on students and parents, Onechit Bahujan Agadi has set up a help desk for students from Mumbai and Thane districts to fill free admission forms. Students can fill the form for free with their child by visiting this help center. They can also get information about the admission process by contacting the given number.

The university has started an online help center to fill the admission form. However, the underprivileged Bahujan Agadi and Samyak Vidyarthi Andolan have accused the Board of Education officials of deliberately ignoring the fact that the aid centers are only in name. As a result, underprivileged parents are filling online applications with the help of knowledgeable parents at NETICAP or elsewhere. But due to low speed of internet etc., time does not work. In addition, students and parents are robbed of net-cafes by charging extra money. Therefore, to ease this tension on the students and parents, Bahujan Aghadi, who is denied to fill the free admission form, has set up a support center for the students of Mumbai and Thane districts.

Under the guidance of Balasaheb Ambedkar, the activities of the College Admission Process Support Center are being implemented. This initiative is being done with the special cooperation of Maya Kamble and Thanin Wankhede, Thane District President of the deprived Bahujan Agadi.

Admission Process Support Center

Mumbai Division

Snehal Sohni: 9967632547
Swapnil Javalegekar: 8286258933

Thane Division

Harshad spoke 9004664761
Kamlesh Boiled 9768276400
Rohit Dolas 8082061994