Initiatives to protect the environment from waste pickers now


Awareness of environmental protection by adopting trees

kalyan June 29:
Garbage pickers at the Kalyan dumping ground are now stepping forward to protect the environment as well. What is special is that these garbage pickers are not only planting trees, they are also taking care of their proper upbringing by adopting these trees.

It is true that many people planted trees on the occasion of the recent World Environment Day. But what is the current situation of some of them? This may be the subject of research. For some, it may be a one-day event or just a selfie. Against this backdrop, it was seen that the children living in the tribal area of ​​Panabude Nagar, Kalyan, celebrated this World Environment Day wholeheartedly without any show. Through the contract organization, the children of Panabude Nagar tribal area planted Amla, Chinch, Jam, Peru, Neem, Lemon, Sitaphal etc. trees. Not only have these children stopped planting trees, but they have also taken care of these trees to survive. And this responsibility is being carried out by the children in a very proper manner and in the last 3 weeks these trees seem to be slowly taking over.
Vishal Jadhav of Anubandh Sanstha said that this is a small effort to inculcate in the children a love for trees and nature since childhood.
Meanwhile, the same hands that once sold garbage are now stepping forward to protect nature. This is definitely a positive thing and now a comprehensive effort is needed to truly protect the environment.

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