Jignesh Thakkar shot dead in Kalyan Palava News


Kalyan 1 August:
Jignesh Thakkar alias Munna was shot dead on Friday (July 31) in Kalyan Railway Station area. Preliminary information is that Jignesh was shot by unknown assailants as he was on his way home from his office. Mahatma Phule Chowk police reached the spot as soon as the incident was received.

Preliminary information is that Jignesh Thakkar owned a pot and card club in Thane, Kalyan and Ulhasnagar areas and was also betting on cricket matches. As he was walking out of his office at Neelam Gali in Kalyan station area on Friday night, he was shot dead by ambush attackers. In which there is preliminary information that there were some bullets in his chest. Jignesh was later taken to a private hospital in Kalyan, where doctors declared him dead.

Who fired on Jignesh? And Mahatma Phule police are investigating why the shooting happened. Meanwhile, senior police officers visited the scene after the incident.

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