Joint meeting between MNS MLAs, officials and villagers regarding Desai-Agasan Bay flyover


MNS MLA Raju Patil to meet Thane Municipal Commissioner along with villagers

Kalyan 5 September:

The Desai-Agasan flyover was approved near the Shalu Hotel in the Thane Municipal Corporation area in Kalyan Rural area. However, rejecting the old plan, the municipal corporation will operate on the flyover as per the new plan. Therefore, the villagers have opposed the work of this flyover and demanded to work as per the old plan. During the construction of the Krimi Par Desai-Agasan flyover, the houses, land and trees of Bhoomiputra will also suffer extensive damage. The villagers brought this to the notice of MNS MLA Raju Patil. Shortly thereafter, MNS MLA Patil held a joint meeting of local villagers and Thane Municipal Corporation officials in Agasan village.

Agasan villagers in rural welfare have opposed the action plan for Desai-Agasan Creek flyover. The flyover will destroy more than 50 homes and over 200 trees. Therefore, the villagers have opposed the work of this flyover and demanded to work according to the old blueprint. MNS MLA Raju Patil is also positive about the route suggested by the villagers and will soon meet the Thane Municipal Commissioner in this regard. Villagers, Thane Municipal Corporation officials and officials of Agrasen Village Rescue Sangharsh Samiti were present at Ganesh Ghat in Agasan village. Thane Municipal Assistant Commissioner Mahesh Aher, Deputy Engineer Anil Patil, Agasan Village Rescue Sangharsh Samiti Chairman Rohidas Munde, Diva MNS City President Tushar Patil and a large number of villagers were present on the occasion.

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