Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation in collaboration with IMA Kalyan-Dombivali Branch to set up ‘Post Kovid Rehabilitation Center’. Palava News


Kalyan 25 September:
Post Kovid Rehabilitation Center will be established soon in collaboration with KDMC IMA Kalyan-Dombivali Branch. Victory was given by Suryavanshi. He gave this information in a meeting with the task force doctors about the preventive measures against Coron in Corona-Dombivali.

Although the Kovid-positive patient is corona-free, many times the infection remains in his lungs. Therefore, such patients still need to be given oxygen from outside. If they are left unmanaged, they can be led astray and lose the right path. The KDMC will set up this post Kovid Rehabilitation Center for such patients. Corona-free patients will be placed there and will be given physiotherapy and other treatments. Therefore, his condition may improve soon, it was said at the time. The meeting mainly discussed what should be done to treat the virus and what should be done to reduce the infection. Not only fever is a symptom of corona, but many symptoms like weakness, diarrhea also appear in corona. Therefore, such patients should be tested as soon as possible, doctors said.

Patients without symptoms (relatives, high-risk patients) are required to perform a corona test. This will make early diagnosis and treatment easier. Also, extending test times could benefit more people, task force doctors said. On this, the corporation is thinking of extending the time of Kovid’s tests from 4 to 5 pm in the evening. Vijay Suryavanshi said. He promised to allow antigen tests if asked by NABL-accredited private lab NCP.

Meanwhile, on behalf of the task force team, Vikram Jain, Drs. Rajendra Kesarwani, Dr. Amit Singh, Dr. Shreyas Godbole, dr. Archana Patte, Dr. Dr. Prashant Patil and Infectious Disease Control Officer of KDMC. Pratibha Panipat, Dr. Sameer Sarvankar, Dr. Vinod Daund was also present at this time.