Kalyan Dombivali’s pits began to rise on Jeeva; 3 injured in a day. Palava News


Kalyan / Dombivali D.T. October 2:
The KDMC does not seem to be in a mood to improve, despite criticism and insults from citizens over pits every year. Already in Kalyan Dombivali, where Corona terror is everywhere, citizens are now digging pits on the streets. Three people have been injured in the last 24 hours in Kalyan Dombivali due to the pits. Which includes a woman.

KDMC is also in the news every year due to pits in the roads. And there was a lot of anger and anger among the people. Every year after the monsoon, pits and resulting accidents occur. 3 years ago, 5 people were killed in pits in Kalyan Dombivali. Despite all this, the ruling party and administration in KDMC are not making any reforms. Billions of dollars of contracts are produced every year. Which raises the question that instead of filling the pits, the pockets of the concerned are being filled. The answer comes automatically from the pits in the road. Similar contracts have been issued this year, but the pits have not been filled. As a result, 3 people were injured in 3 separate accidents in Kalyan Dombivali during the day. Which includes a woman.
How many more people will be injured, how many more will be killed and who will be killed? Already Corona has shaken the economic, family fold of the citizens. In such a situation, KDMC’s negligence is like pushing people towards the bubble with fire.

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