Kapil Patil gets Union Minister’s post from Bhumiputra Morcha – Panvel Deputy Mayor Jagdish Gaikwad


Dombivli, July 25 :
Panvel Deputy Mayor Jagdish Gaikwad has expressed the view that Union Minister Kapil Patil may have been given the post of Union Minister due to protests by millions of Bhumiputras to name the international airport in Navi Mumbai after Lok Sabha leader DB Patil. . He was speaking at a talk show organized by Nirbhaya Journalists Association (Regi) Press Association in Kalyan Dombivli.

Congratulating MP Kapil Patil on becoming the Union Minister of State, Gaikwad said that the Bhumiputras organized an unprecedented agitation in Navi Mumbai to name the Navi Mumbai airport after DB Patil. In which 3 to 4 lakh people took part. Seeing this power, Gaikwad said that MP Kapil Patil should have been given the post of Union Minister.
Loknete DB Patil is not confined to Raigad. It would be wrong to see him only as a leader. Looking at the work done by him, D.B. There is no need to become a leader like Patil again. So he reiterated his warning at Navi Mumbai airport that there is no option but to name him and else we will close the airport.

During this, Jagdish Gaikwad also strongly attacked the functioning of Shiv Sena. The present Shiv Sena belongs to the British and Balasaheb’s Shiv Sena is no more. When Balasaheb was there, no injustice was being done to the Shiv Sainiks. But now only Shiv Sainik is doing injustice to Shiv Sainik. Gaikwad also made a serious allegation that the package system has been introduced in Thane by Guardian Minister Eknath Shinde.
Talking about the Toronto company, he said that the company has been put on Bhumiputra because of Guardian Minister Eknath Shinde and Housing Minister Jitendra Awhad. But Bhumiputras should decide that we will no longer vote for Shiv Sena and NCP. Only then will the torrent company move out, Gaikwad said.
Jagdish Gaikwad said that he will also focus on the upcoming Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation elections. He also said that he will try to get at least 5 RPI councilors elected in the coming elections.

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