KDMC fire brigade rescued 3 puppies of dog lying in the chamber


Kalyan August 27:
The fire brigade of Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation saved the lives of puppies lying in the drainage chamber of the society. The incident took place this morning at Vasant Valley Society, Kalyan West.

The residents of the society informed the KDMC fire brigade that a puppy had fallen in the drainage chambers of the society. KDMC fire brigade reached the spot. And started trying to save these puppies. However, due to the lack of space in the chamber and the screaming of the puppies trapped in it, the firefighters and their mother also lost their lives. However, Kalyan Dombivli Fire Brigade personnel defeated the efforts and used all their skills to save the puppy from the brink of death. Chief Fire Officer Namdev Choudhary said that if it had taken a little more time to get the puppy out of the chamber, Ivyasha Pillay would have been killed. The team of Kalyan Dombivli Nagar Fire Brigade Vinayak Lokhande, Rahul Bhakre, Nikhil Ishane, Yuvraj Rathod and others did this feat.

After the three puppies were taken out of the drainage chamber, it was observed that the citizens present chanted the same. While all these rescue operations were going on, the mother of these puppies was also lying on the ground. When the firefighters took out the chicks one by one, happiness and emotion could be clearly seen on the mother’s face without saying anything.

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