KDMC’s permission to open all stores instead of P1-P2; The decision does not apply to the hotspot area Palava News


Kalyan / Dombivali on 18 August:
The KDMC has finally taken a positive decision on the demand to start all the shops in the festive season, assuring traders and shopkeepers. KDMC has given conditional permission to start all shops from tomorrow (19 August) instead of P1-P2. However, in the area where the Corona hotspot is located, the previous rules will apply and this rule will not apply there, the Commissioner of KDMC Dr. Vijay Suryavanshi has clarified.

The 4-month lockdown due to Corona has already caused huge financial losses to small shoppers and many merchants. According to P1-P2, the government has given permission to start some businesses, but shops were closed for 15 days a month on the eve of the festivals. Therefore, on the lines of the Thane Municipal Corporation, traders and their organizations were demanded to repeal the P1-P2 rule in Kalyan Dombivali and allow them to open shops from 9 am to 7 pm. At the same time, some political parties wrote to the KDMC at their level, accepting the demands of the traders. He feels that he finally succeeds today. Concerned shopkeepers should open their shops in compliance with the terms and conditions given by KDMC. Vijay is given by Suryavanshi.
However, the boycott of Corona hotspot areas is likely to spark some resentment from the business community at KDMC. Activities such as malls, shopping complexes, vegetable markets, gyms and swimming pools are also banned.

What are the terms and conditions
  • It is mandatory to put face masks on shop counter
  • Shopkeepers should be careful to maintain social distance between customers.
  • Do not allow access to more than 5 customers at once.
  • Make circles to stand in front of the shop.
  • Arrange for thermal screening and handwashing at the shop gate.
  • Clean regularly
  • Periodically clean offices and workplaces.
  • Shop owners and employees should be tested for antigen or covid

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