Lockdown now in Corona Hotspot area in Kalyan Dombivali; Shops to be opened in rest area P1, P2 Palava News


Kalyan July 19:
The KDMC administration has implemented new rules regarding the lockout in Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation area. According to him, the lockdown would be permanent only in the Corona hotspot area rather than the entire region. About 48 locations in the KDMC area have been declared corona hotspots and shops have been allowed to open at all locations except this area.

Just half an hour before the lockdown ends, KDMC has announced new rules. The 17-day lockout was held from 2 to 12 July and 12 to 19 July in the KDMC area. However, during the lockdown, the number of corona patients in Kalyan Dombivali did not decrease significantly. As today is the last day of lockdown, everyone knows that KDMC is increasing Locked and announcing new rules by making some changes to it. Accordingly, minutes before the lockdown expires, KDMC has announced its new lockdown rules.
Meanwhile, a total of 48 Corona hotspots have been declared in the KDMC area and will remain under lockdown till 31 July.

*What are the new rules *
  • Lockdown in hotspot area announced by KDMC till 5 pm on 31 July 2020
  • Activities such as mission start across the city except the hotspot area
  • Malls, markets and shopping complexes will remain closed.
  • All vegetable markets markets and shops are allowed to operate as per P1-P2
  • Shops will be open from 9 am to 5 pm
  • Ward Area Officer and Police to decide P1 – P2
  • Sanctions will remain in the hotspot zone as before….

List of KDMC area hotspots

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