MLA Ravindra Chavan criticizes Eknath Shinde over development works in Kalyan Dombivali


Dombivli on June 2:
The cities of Thane, Dombivali, Kalyan and Ambernath have given us and our party one-sided power for the last 25 years and it is our duty to make the lives of the people here comfortable. However, MLA Ravindra Chavan has criticized the Guardian Minister and Urban Development Minister Eknath Shinde for neglecting his duties at Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation due to his busy schedule. MLA Chavan held a press conference in Dombivali today and once again targeted Eknath Shinde on various issues. (MLA Ravindra Chavan criticizes Eknath Shinde over development works in Kalyan Dombivali)

You have been working as the Guardian Minister of Thane District for the last 7 years. Through you, Thane district has for the first time got an important account in terms of urban development like urban development. However, MLA Chavan also accused Eknath Shinde, who has been the Urban Development Minister for the last two years, of keeping KDMC-related issues pending. On the other hand, MLA Chavan was seen targeting Eknath Shinde by presenting a list of various development works in Kalyan and Dombivali such as flyover, dormitory, ring road, Kalyan-Shil concreting, metro project.

Issues presented by MLA Ravindra Chavan

Devendra Fadnavis had given Rs 223 crore for the Mothagaon Mankoli bridge in the privilege of the Chief Minister. When will the bridge be built?

Sanction was given for concreting and expansion of Kalyan Sheel Road and Rs. 1,773 crore was sanctioned. Why is the work still not completed? How many more will see the end?

When will the construction of Durgadi Mothagaon Hedutane road, an important ring road for internal transport system in KDMC approved by the state government, take place?

When will the work of Airoli Katai subway be completed?

When will the work of Metro 12 i.e. Kalyan Taloja Metro costing Rs 4,738 crore be completed?

8 thousand 416 crore Metro 5 ie Bhiwandi kalyan work will be advanced when?

1,472 crore sanctioned through MMRDA. Is the work of internal roads in KDMC area pending for one and half years?

Seven years have passed since the delivery of the maternity ward? How long will the dormitory have to endure the time consuming test of both Commissioner Suryavanshi and Law Department Officer Suryavanshi?

Two-wheelers in the KDMC area have lost their lives after falling into a pothole on the road. So how many more lives will be endangered by road works pending?

Dedication of half-finished Joshi High School bridge

When will Thakurli sanction Rs 30 crore for the project connecting 90 feet road with elevated road?

Who will solve the problem of MMRDA carrying Rs 25 crore out of Rs 50 crore cost of DFCC bridge at Mothagaon railway crossing?

When will the work be done to acquire land for the medical college at Titwala which is important for Kalyan taluka?