Movement of social organization in the river basin against pollution in Ulhas river


Kalyan on February 10:
The issue of pollution in the Ulhas River, which supplies water to major cities including Kalyan, has once again come under discussion. Despite repeated demands for pollution in the river basin, no action has been taken at the government level. The ‘Mee Kalyankar’ social organization in Kalyan has started a dam agitation in the river basin. Former Kalyan East corporator Nitin Nikam has once again raised the issue directly in the river basin.

For the last few months, the Ulhas river basin has been completely surrounded by water hyacinths. Therefore, the river basin and the water in the river are covered with water hyacinth. This water hyacinth is fed and grown on wastewater and wastewater. This means that this water hyacinth, which is so widespread in the Ulhas river basin, is a testament to the polluted water in the river.
This river discharges unprocessed wastewater from nallas in Ulhasnagar and Kalyan Dombivali municipal limits. Nitin Nikam said that he was agitating for immediate action by both the Municipal Corporations and immediate removal of all the water hyacinths scattered in the river basin. In 2016, Nikam had started an agitation on the same issue.

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