MP Kapil Patil takes oath as Union Minister of State; Jallosh of BJP workers


Ram Mali

New Delhi, July 7:
Today’s expansion of the Union Cabinet also saw the character of Bhiwandi Lok Sabha MP Kapil Patil. MP Kapil Patil was sworn in as Union Minister of State today. Therefore, through Kapil Patil, Thane district has got representation in the Union Cabinet for the first time. Meanwhile, after Patil’s swearing in, BJP workers held a big rally in Kalyan, Bhiwandi.

BJP MP Kapil Moreshwar Patil is known for his studious attitude, visionary and proactive approach to rural politics in Thane district. It is their nature to go to the root of a problem once it is understood. The villagers hope that after going to Kapil Patil, some solution will be found to the problem. Due to this, his popularity in Thane district increased.

Born into an ordinary farming family
Kapil Patil was born in an ordinary farming family in Bhiwandi taluka. He graduated with a degree in Arts. Started business with a view to un-civilization. With the blessings of father Moreshwar Patil and mother Manibai, Dive Anjur contested the Gram Panchayat elections for the first time in 1988. While jumping from business to politics, he got the active support of his elder brother, the late Purushottam. He has not looked back in the political arena since then. He was a member of Bhiwandi Panchayat Samiti in 1992, Chairman in 1997, Member of Zilla Parishad in 2002, Chairman of Zilla Parishad Subject Committees, Vice Chairman and finally President of Zilla Parishad. During this period, he studied the Rural Development Department in depth. Considering the terms and conditions of each government scheme, those schemes were implemented effectively. Considering the importance of English education, for the first time in Maharashtra, English nursery schools were started in Zilla Parishad schools. During his presidency, Thane Zilla Parishad had topped the Yashwant Panchayat Raj Abhiyan twice in a row. While making an impact in rural areas, Kapil Patil got the opportunity to work as the Chairman of Thane District Central Co-operative Bank. The Bank’s plans were extended to the self-help groups and farmers as well as to the co-operative societies. Along with this work, he held the posts of Director of Balasaheb Sawant Agricultural University, Member of State Development Council, Chairman of the Committee of Zilla Parishad Presidents in the State. At the BJP level, he has held the post of Thane-Palghar divisional president and at the state level, he has held the post of vice-president. During this period, he also played an important role in the expansion of the BJP in Thane and Palghar districts.

Kapil Patil had created an independent place in the political circles of Thane-Palghar district in the 2010s. That is why Kapil Patil’s name was at the forefront as a possible MP in the newly reconstituted Bhiwandi Lok Sabha constituency. However, she missed their chance. However, under the leadership of the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kapil Patil made history by winning Bhiwandi in the 2014 elections. Due to his eloquent speeches in the Lok Sabha, his focus on various issues across the country, including the constituency, his performance on the Parliamentary Committee, etc., he was given the responsibility of representing the BJP in the second term. Now, after two years, the post of Union Minister of State has been handed over.

MP Kapil Patil’s developmental approach will be beneficial for the development of Thane district. Due to Kapil Patil’s vision, many projects are being implemented in Thane district. Kapil Patil’s foresight is evidenced by the 12-lane Thane-Bhiwandi bypass, Kalyan-Murbad railway line, MMRDA funding for rural areas, Thane-Bhiwandi-Kalyan metro etc.

Impressions of OBC leadership ..
There is a large number of Agari and Kunbi communities in Thane district. In fact, the Agari Anu Kunbi community reflects the politics of rural areas. However, Kapil Patil had created a unique social engineering by winning the Bhiwandi Lok Sabha constituency in 2014 by uniting the Agari-Kunbi community and other communities without any caste distinction. That is why the victory in Bhiwandi was important for the BJP. He has become the first Union Minister from the majority Agari community in Thane-Raigad district.

The first demand for the name of Diba
Project-affected Bhumiputra and Loknete in Navi Mumbai. Ba. Patil is an unbreakable relationship. In order to perpetuate the memory of Diba, Kapil Patil first visited the proposed airport in the Lok Sabha in 2016. Ba. Patil’s name was demanded. And now they are at the forefront of his fight.

Family support
Kapil Patil’s family has been in politics for about 33 years. During this period he had the active support of his elder brother, the late Purushottam. Sister Mamta, Narmada, Pratibha joined him. Putani Jayashree, Putane Prashant, Devesh, Sumit, son Siddhesh also interacted with the people. The home pitch is handled by wife Meenal, Snusha Prapti, Shweta, Pranita, Monica and daughter Shreya. Therefore, Kapil Patil can give maximum time to the society.

Finally, RR Ab’s prediction came true.
The event was held in 2014 in the presence of Kapil Patil. R alias Aba Patil was present. At that time MP Kapil Patil was the chairman of the district bank. However, Kapil Patil will play an important role in the future politics of Maharashtra, predicts R. R. Abba had done. This has come true after Kapil Patil was sworn in as Minister of State today.

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