Municipal Corporation’s vaccination will be closed tomorrow (July 7) in Kalyan Dombivali


Kalyan-Dombivali on July 6:
The cost of vaccination in Kalyan Dombivali does not go down. Therefore, the KDMC administration has informed that vaccination in Kalyan Dombivali will be closed again on July 7 tomorrow.

Vaccination in Kalyan Dombivali has been severely hampered for the last 2 weeks. While more people need to be vaccinated against the backdrop of the forthcoming third wave, the irresponsible behavior of the government could have serious consequences in the years to come.

This vaccination has been repeatedly disrupted so far due to non-receipt of vaccine from the government. But why these vaccines are not given? And if so, why are so few given that such practices continue for the benefit of private hospitals? Various angry questions like this are being asked by the citizens.

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