Nitish Kumar Reviews Meeting On Measures Over Flood Preparedness In Bihar • Palava Samachar


Nitish Kumar noted that for the first time piling of steel sheets was taking place on Kamla Balan river

Patna: A high-level meeting was chaired by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday for reviewing preparedness in the face of rising water levels of rivers originating in Nepal and flowing through the states northern districts.

At the meeting where Water Resources minister Sanjay Kumar Jha and top officials led by Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar were present, the chief minister instructed that flood control measures be completed at the earliest and Nepalese authorities be taken into loop wherever required.

On Monday, Mr Jha had expressed concern over the neighbouring country denying access to officials from Bihar to territory falling on the other side of the border for completing repair of embankments which was essential to prevent the state from getting ravaged by floods in rivers like Gandak, Kosi and Kamala.

The chief minister noted with delight that for the first time in the state, piling of steel sheets was taking place at various embankments on the Kamla Balan river.

An environment conservation enthusiast, Mr Kumar also suggested that plantation of trees be undertaken along the embankments which would keep the soil intact when strong water currents pass through. He also said that full arrangements be in place for providing relief to the affected populace if flood strikes.

The chief minister also emphasized on the need to ensure that communication network remained functional in face of a calamity. Districts in north Bihar are known to be routinely hit by floods. Those in 2008 and 2017 had led to heavy casualties.

Moreover, last year more than 100 people had died and close to a million were displaced on account of flash floods caused by torrential rainfall in catchment areas of Nepal.

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