Order to stop development work in excluded villages from KDMC postponed – demand of MLA Raju Patil | Palava News


Kalyan on 12 August:
The city commissioner has ordered the Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation to stop the ongoing development works in the excluded villages. However, the order is unjust and Kalyan Grameen MLA Raju Patil has sought adjournment. A demand has been sent in this regard by sending a letter to the Chief Secretary of the state.
Of the 27 villages, 18 have been excluded from the KDMC to form a separate municipality. A few days ago, the KDMC administration ordered cancellation of corporator posts of KDMC MPs in these 18 villages. After that, now the Municipal Commissioner has ordered to stop works in these 18 villages starting from the Municipal Fund. However, MLA Raju Patil has mentioned in the letter that this decision of the commissioner is an injustice to the citizens here.

Meanwhile, a petition under Section 451 is pending in this regard and they have demanded immediate adjournment on the order of the Municipal Commissioner to stop the services and development works. In his letter, MLA Patil also said that it was not appropriate to appoint administrators for the planned municipalities of 18 villages.

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