Palava News cancels the post of 13 corporators of villages excluded from KDMC


Kalyan 31 July:
The posts of 13 councilors from 18 villages, which were excluded from KDMC constituency a few days ago, have been canceled. Since these villages were excluded from the Municipal Corporation, the Municipal Corporation Election Department submitted a report to the Municipal Commissioner regarding the cancellation of the post of corporators there. The Municipal Corporation has taken action accordingly.

As a result, membership of Moreeshwar Bhoir, Ramakant Patil, Soni Ahire, Urmila Gosavi, Kunal Patil, Pramila Patil, Prabhakar Jadhav, Damayanti Vaje, Jalinder Patil, Indira Tare, Vimal Bhoir, Shailaja Bhoir and Sunita Khandagale from 18 villages.

KDMC, Ghesar, Hedutane, Umbroli, Bhal, Dwarali, Manore, Vasar, Ashele, Nandivali, Ambernath, Adivali-Dhokli, Davdi, Chinchpada, Piswali, Golivali, Mangaon, Nilje, Sonarpada, Sonpada and KDMC have 27 villages in Kar Huh. The state government decided to keep the remaining 9 villages in the municipal area – Ajade, Sagav, Nandivali, Panchanand, Grivali, Sandep, Usarghar, Katai, Bhopar, Desalpeda.

Meanwhile, the term of people’s representatives in the current KDMC will expire on 11 November this year. However, as this action has already been taken, it will become clear in the next few days what role these public representatives will play in this decision of the administration.