Palava News work on 5th and 6th lanes between Thane-Diva station in final phase


Kalyan on 19 September:

Work on the fifth and sixth lines between Thane and Diva railway stations has reached its final stages and will be completed by March 2021, with Shiv Sena MP from Kalyan Lok Sabha constituency, Dr. Presenting is Shrikant Shinde. After overcoming many difficulties and finding a way out, the work has reached its final stage.

Work on the fifth-sixth railway line has been going on for the last several years. But there were many difficulties in that work. For this task the MP Dr. Shinde has been following since 2014 and the work has now reached its final stage. Initially there were some technical issues, the design had to be changed, there was a question of CRZ space. To overcome these problems, both these routes are now being prepared by having continuous meetings with the officials of the railway administration.

There are 31 small and 3 big bridges on this route. Their work has been completed and it is notable that a 170 meter long tunnel has been constructed on this route and a railway service hall has been constructed at Mumbra-Kalwa station. Out of 19 km route, 15 km railway track has been completed. Only four kilometers of railway track remains. This work was interrupted during the Corona period. Now this work has started again in unlock. Work is underway on the foot bridge at Diva and will be completed soon. Therefore, the fifth and sixth lines will be opened for trains on March 2021. Srikanth Shinde said.

There are also four railway lines between Mumbai and Kalyan, two for faster and slower routes. Deepak is the junction. Kalyan Junction is also there. Freight on this route: These freight trains Stress. After the 5th and 6th lanes are implemented, the tension of goods trains will reduce and there will be no stress on suburban traffic between Thane and Kalyan. Shinde said.

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