Plasma available for over 300 patients; Commendable initiative

Plasma available for over 300 patients; Commendable initiative

Kalyan 3 November:

While many have had very bad experiences during the corona period, there are some individuals who have shown that the corona period should not become painful for many others.

One of such persons is Adv. Jaideep Dilip Hazare.  The initiative by Jaideep Hazare has resulted in the availability of plasma to more than 300 people in the last 2 months.

The state government observed that plasma therapy was effective for corona patients, they took several initiatives in this regard. Awareness has been provided to people recovering from Corona. As a result, government agencies were able to expand plasma therapy across Maharashtra.

However, in Kalyan Dombivali adjoining Mumbai-Thane, donors from Mumbai, Thane or other places had to depend on plasma. Even if donors are available, their availability during the required ‘golden hours’ is negligible. Adv. Jaideep Hazare took the initiative along with Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Commissioner Dr. Vijay Suryavanshin and Drs. of Indian Medical Association. Various social organizations, including Prashant Patil, reacted positively and started the plasmadana movement.

The movement was widely publicized and disseminated through social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp. And within a few days, they saw good results of this movement. The addition of several conscious citizens to the movement from Corona helped provide plasma donors in Kalyan-Dombivli itself.

In the last 2 months, plasma has been made available to about 300 Corona patients in Kalyan-Dombivali through this movement. Hazare also said that patients from Pune, Nagar and Satara have also benefitted from this. His co-mentor, who has Corona, had a lot of difficulty getting plasma. Hazare said that this is the reason why they have implemented such an initiative.