Rajasthan Lifts Curbs On Interstate Movement Of People


Rajasthan has reported 13,096 COVID cases and 302 deaths till Tuesday morning (Representational)

Jaipur: The Rajasthan government on Tuesday lifted curbs on the interstate movement of people, citing improvement in the coronavirus situation.

The state Home Department order says as the number of daily infections has stabilised and the recovery rate improved, the conditions imposed on the entry and exit of people are “removed with immediate effect”.

“The free movement of people in and out of the state is restored, subject to the condition that all persons entering and exiting the state will be screened at the point of entry or exit,” Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Rajeeva Swarup said in the order.

“It is clarified that there will no longer be any requirement for any person to obtain a pass or NOC for the purpose of entry or exit into or out of Rajasthan,” he said in the order.

Rajasthan has reported 13,096 coronavirus cases and 302 deaths till Tuesday morning.

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