“Restrict Non-Essential Chinese Products’ Import”: Chirag Paswan To Centre


New Delhi: Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) leader Chirag Paswan on Saturday said that during the all-party meeting yesterday on the India-China border areas, his party has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to restrict the import of non-essential products from China in order to give a boost to the vision of self-reliant India that may affect Beijing financially.

Speaking to ANI, Mr Paswan said, “We need to restrict the import of non-essential Chinese products, I have urged PM for the same. Limits are crossed when even lord idols are imported from China. I have urged that whatever improvement needs to be done in the business or foreign policies between India and China should be done and restrictions should be imposed on import of Chinese products.”

“By doing so not only the vision of self-reliant India will get support but China will be affected financially,” he added.

Mr Paswan further added that LJP will stand with PM Modi’s decision in future regarding India and China issue.

“The situation created by China today is condemnable. On one hand, most countries of the world consider China responsible for this pandemic (coronavirus), on the other hand, China is trying to enter India, they killed our soldiers. It is extremely condemnable,” said Mr Paswan.

“Today during the all-party meeting, I am happy that all the parties came together to support whatever decision would be taken by PM Modi in future. I also convinced PM Modi, our Defence Minister, Foreign Minister and our Home Minister, on behalf of my party. We do not believe in war but whenever someone has tried to harm India, our PM has always reverted in their language only,” he added.

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