Road work paved in Dombivli MIDC region; Cement-concrete roads will be built – MP Dr. Shrikant Shinde | Palava News


Dombivali, 21 July:
Road work at Dombivli MIDC, which is embroiled in a border dispute between the Municipal Corporation and MIDC, has been approved. KDMC and MIDC will build cement concrete roads at half the cost. Here is Shrikant Shinde.

Roads in the industrial and residential areas of the MIDC region in Dombivli have deteriorated considerably over the years. Its local people are suffering a lot. So the KDMC and MIDC administration had raised their hands to point fingers at each other at the border. These roads were earlier at KDMC. However, in 2003, this part was removed from the municipality and was taken over by MIDC. After re-incorporating the area in KDMC in 2013, these roads came under municipal control. However, this road work should be done by MIDC.

While Drs. Shrikant Shinde said that both organizations should spend for this so that citizens can get rid of this problem immediately. He held several meetings with Industry Minister Subhash Desai through Guardian Minister Eknath Shinde. He also spoke to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Environment Minister Aditya Thackeray and urged them to order the construction of these roads.

Accordingly, during the visit of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to Dombivli in February 2020, KDMC and MIDC inspected these roads and ordered to spend 50% / 50%. Accordingly, MIDC has approved a proposal of about Rs 110 crore by preparing a cost estimate (DPR) for this road. The municipal MIDC has been directed to bear half the cost of sewerage work on both sides of the road. He also informed that the work will start from MIDC soon. Here is Shrikant Shinde.

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